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Weight Loss Success Stories

Weight Loss success stories

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Meet our inspiring members who have achieved their weight loss goals through our effective program. Discover their personal stories and how they transformed their lives and improved their health with our support. Join our community of successful weight loss members and start your own journey towards a healthier, happier you.


Steve has lost 117 pounds, reclaimed his health, happiness, and confidence. He’s gained a newfound sense of self-assurance and empowerment that permeates every aspect of his life. We are proud to be part of his journey! 

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“So I’ve been working on myself and working on making myself a happier and healthier me. I started this journey in August and I’m down 60 lbs. Down 6 pant sixes. And who knows how many inches. These first pictures are of me at my heaviest. My thyroid was a mess, I ate everything I could, I’m hitting that age where hormones are changing. With Angie and her help I have managed to get to a place I never thought I would be. Working at hometown health now Harmony Health and Wellness DPC has changed my life for the better in so many ways. God is good and knew exactly what I needed when he placed us here.”


Charlotte began her health journey in August 2022 with Harmony Health and Wellness DPC and is officially down SIXTY pounds. She committed to our program and made lots of lifestyle changes along the way. I am incredibly proud not only of her weight LOSS but the beautiful GAINS she’s made in her overall health.


Jennifer began her journey October 2022 and to date has lost an incredible 43 pounds! She has taken control of her eating habits, gained self confidence and feels amazing EVERY day! We are so proud of you Jen!!


Robin has lost 60 pounds and TEN pant sizes by learning how to make healthier lifestyle changes and focus on different eating habits with Harmony. She has gained self confidence and a smile that will brighten any room! We are so proud of you Robin and we will continue to watch you enjoy your new self esteem that will enlighten everyone who knows you! Way to go Robin!


Dee began her weight loss journey with Harmony on 7/18/2022. She has made tremendous changes in her daily habits and as a result has dropped over 50 pounds! She is continuing to learn about her health and abilities with monthly counseling with Harmony.


Jennifer started her life changing journey with Harmony in 2022. During the summer of 2023 she celebrated losing ONE HUNDRED POUNDS by taking a special cruise with friends. To date she has lost 100 pounds and continues to make changes in her habits and daily activities.


My life has changed dramatically since starting therapies at Harmony. I have lost 90 pounds since August 2022, my hormones are being managed and I am off all blood pressure and cholesterol medication. I have never felt better in my life! My ONLY regret is how long it took me before I called Angie!”


Trista began her health journey with us in May 2021 and has officially lost 145 pounds! She has gained a new outlook on life and continues to create healthy habits that will last a lifetime. We are incredibly proud to present her as one of our HARMONY HEROES!

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